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Life is full of options and opportunities – exciting, challenging, and potentially rewarding. All options and opportunities are not equal in their value, however. It depends on who you are and what you want.

If this is something about which you are not clear, perhaps a “Clear Reflection” is just what you could use! Life coaching can be a dynamic resource for the purpose of overcoming confusion, developing balance, getting un-stuck, and eliminating the experience of feeling pulled in many directions.

As a “clear mirror,” a coach can – through conversation and asking the right questions – reflect back observations in areas such as personal values, patterns of apparent internal conflict, personal strengths, inner resources that may feel elusive, not to mention the beauty of your inner nature! This kind of information is highly valuable and critically important to the goal of making choices and taking actions that will yield a satisfying and balanced life.

Is Hemp Oil Safe to Vape?

Is Hemp Oil Safe to Vape?

With CBD oil and hemp oil gaining popularity in the alternative medicine world, it’s no wonder that some production companies of CBD and hemp oil are modifying the oils to make it more marketable.

Many companies are now touting Nano enhanced hemp oil as the new latest and greatest oil that can potentially help individuals. They’re also claiming that Nano enhanced hemp oil can potentially work faster than most hemp oil. Many are using this type of hemp oil for vaping.

In this article, we’ll talk about what exactly Nano enhanced hemp oil is and if it is safe to vape.

Recap of What CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Are

Before we go into the new upgrade of hemp oil for vape, let’s discuss really quickly what hemp oil is.

Hemp oil is often a full spectrum oil from the Cannabis sativa plant or from hemp seed oil, which only comes from the seed of the hemp plant. Hemp oil comes from the stems and leaves of the plants that contain cannabinoids (or phytocannabinoids, aka chemicals that come from the Cannabis plant) has many studies that show benefits in helping with pain, inflammation, and even some studies showcasing it possibly helping with anxiety. Hemp seed oil does not have the same effect that hemp oil has because it does not contain these cannabinoids.

Hemp oil is not the same as cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD oil comes from different parts of the plant that have a higher concentration of the cannabinoid CBD. Most of the studies show it being taken orally, but vaping CBD oil and hemp oil has been increasing in popularity lately.

What Is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil?

This is a recent trend in the CBD and hemp community, but it begs the question how hemp oil actually becomes Nano enhanced hemp oil.

Hemp oil is extracted from Cannabis sativa by going through a scientific process using carbon dioxide (aka CO2) to extract. The exact term is called “supercritical CO2” which can be commonly found in different industries like coffee, tea, and even some fragrances. Basically, CO2 extraction is the act of creating phase changes in CO2 by utilizing temperature and pressure. The CO2 is cooled and compressed by a high compression rate. When compressed to this extreme, CO2 then becomes, “supercritical,” which means that it is now converted into a liquid form instead of a gas form. The most reputable CBD company utilizing this method is bioMDplus CBD.

At this supercritical state, the CO2 now possesses the properties of both a liquid and a gas. Then the supercritical CO2 is heated again and passes through the hemp material in a closed loop extractor without causing any harm to the enzymes or vitamins in the hemp oil. The results of this process cause a released and recycled CO2 that leaves a highly concentrated, pure extract that is theoretically easily digested by the body.

With Nano enhanced hemp oil there is an additional step, where the cannabinoids such as CBD are then encapsulated within little tiny spheres (hence where “Nano” comes from). These nanospheres are made from lipids and fat. There are also products that are known as liposomes, which are also spheres made of phospholipids. Phospholipids are one of the main components of cell membranes. The idea is that size of the sphere may cause the hemp oil to be more effective and quickly be absorbed by our body system faster. There are some reports saying that lipospheres (think “micro” size spheres) are absorbed 20-30% faster than regular oil. Nanospheres are said to be absorbed up to 50% faster.

This idea of using liposomes to surround compounds for better absorption into the body have been used by the pharmaceutical industries for a while. They have been a promising concept for drug delivery for various diseases that are difficult to treat, such as cancer.