• Jeff gained the insight and confidence he needed to face some facts and some fears and make a bold decision which propelled him onto a new career path he loves yet had only let himself dream about before.

• Barbara gained the understanding and clarity she needed to overcome what kept getting in the way of marrying the person she loved.

• Carol identified her core values and let them become her guide in making several important decisions without worrying whether she was making the “right” choices.

• Sandy found the way to organize and prioritize her life so that her dreams of working for herself could be successful, on her terms!

• Bob (as a new Dad) found the clarity and confidence to make some decisions and negotiate with his spouse and work demands to bring balance into his life.

• Denise learned how being her authentic self was doing her husband a much bigger favor than guessing who he wanted her to be.
What do you envision for your life? A Clear Reflection can be the kind of valuable, focusing experience that helps illuminate and manifest that vision!

If this sounds like a real step in the right direction for you, contact Cynthia at A Clear Reflection. I would be glad to answer all your questions and provide more information on how A Clear Reflection can help you see more clearly the life you were born to live!