The Coach

The Mirroring Agent of a Clear Reflection
For more than twenty years, I’ve assisted and collaborated with others in a creative and problem-solving capacity. From my work in the business world in marketing research and corporate image creation, to my professional practice as a psychotherapist, to my current work in professional life coaching, I’ve been a student of life and what motivates people to make choices and take actions. What I notice most are the powerful steadying effects on people who take the time (and make it a priority) to get clear about what is truly important to them and discover who they are at their core. When someone discovers all the unique qualities they naturally possess and applies them to their life, magic happens! It’s guaranteed.

A Clear Reflection Can Show You How to Let Life Reflect Your Magic
I’m a trained listener and apply that greatly under-utilized skill in our culture to hear what so many people end up relegating to the attic of their day-to-day lives – their true thoughts, hopes, fears, joys, dreams, resistance and desires. I reflect that information back in ways that tap into their creative thinking and inspire action!

This form of insightful guidance allows people to discover constructive solutions and operate within their own values. I know each person has his or her own answers; I help uncover them.

In addition to my training and professional experience, I have a wealth of personal experience to draw upon in relationships, parenting, and balancing career with home life. I am devoted to contributing toward a more empowered and respectful world in which to live. My form of coaching is a helpful, powerful, even light-hearted vehicle to assist people to find their power, release their fear, gain clarity and move toward their visions and dreams.

I believe in synergy, collaboration, partnership. And I’ve seen the magic in a clear reflection