The Method

We determine the goals or issues to address in our first (complimentary) call together.

• We then set a time to have our next session – an in-depth discovery session, or reflective assessment of where you are today; what’s working, what’s not. This session is typically 2-4 hours in length – done in person or over the phone – and establishes the coaching relationship parameters. We’ll look at such areas as:

Guiding philosophies/beliefs
• Challenges (things that get in the way of which you are currently aware)
• Tolerances (drains on time, money, energy, etc.)
• Patterns that serve and don’t serve
• Strengths, limitations, fears, values
• Dreams/life vision
• Preferences around accountability

Setting up the logistics of our coaching relationship – when we will “meet,” how long, how often. (Typically, these are telephone sessions, 30-45 minutes in length, done weekly.)We begin moving forward toward the agreed upon goals through strategizing from your strengths, invitations to “stretch”past the barriers, and support in reducing or eliminating the drains on your life.